Thai cock torture movies: needle piercing, blood play, catheter torture!

Welcome to Asian CBT Movies! This femdom website contains a full-length oriental cock and ball torture movie, including needle piercing and catheter insertion torment! The film is broken down into 2-minute movie clips for easier streaming and/or download.
Movie stills at this preview page will help you get the idea of what you can expect to see inside. Femdom CBT star here is a delicate and cruel Thai mistress administering pain to white man's genitals (screen captures above). Helpless slave is on his back, legs apart, his dick and scrotum in sadsitic hands of the Thai mistress. The domme ties several vicious looking knots around the victim's shaft and scrotum, making sure the ligature is super-tight. Then she masturbates and licks slave's cock to get him really excited. Above you can see the result: our guy proudly displays a fine erection. Then, the mistress introduces 5 sharp hypodermic needles and cock and ball torture fun can begin in earnest. A long and uninterrupted closeup shot follows: the domme slowly shoves one, two, three needles through the cock's upper surface!
CBT mistress proudly shows her needle ladder to the camera (painful closeup pictures above). After more cock teasing, the Thai dominatrix flips over the penis and pierces its underside with two more sharp needles. The victims groans and cries out in pain, but the Thai domme takes no notice of his distress: she keeps playing with the pierced cock, thus hurting the guy more and more! Finally, she slowly takes out the needles one by one, and finishes the slave off by squeezing and tugging at the beads implanted in his penis. This activity produces even more agonized moans, but the ferocious Asian femdom is relentless!
The slave is then taken to a bathroom to relieve himself (video stills above). He is not allowed to take a pee in the normal fashion, though: the mistress shows him/us a long catheter. She starts to insert what looks like a foot long tube in the submissive's urethra, and goes on until it has reached the slave's tonsils (or so it seems). Only then is the guy allowed to squirt piss, and he fills up a bowl (lots of relieved sighs here). His relief doesn't last long, though: the mistress grabs another needle and pierces his cock through near the glans! In the end, the Thai domina slowly pulls out the catheter out of the dick. Its passage feels like sandpaper, it seems: we can hear our guy grunting with pain!
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